We just want to thank everyone who sent us comments about their experience with the game. If you have a testimonial, send us an email to comments@stonertrivia.com and we will post it on this page.


"I really liked your game, it was easy to me. My sister and mom had lots of fun trying to beat me!" -Shannon

"I got Stoner Trivia for Christmas and god was I surprised. We starting playing, It was a great time. Just wanted to say this game rocks"-Frank, CO

"Thanking you for creating such an awesome game, It looks fun as hell! I personally will be ordering it today." -D Chong

We ordered the game and had a blast playing with our friends. Watching stoners play this game was almost better than playing the game " -Laura, NY

"Hey RoverLand Games, awesome job on the game. I love the game and illustrations, Do you guys have any other games?" -Howie

I didn't realize there was so much to know about pot. I have to admit, I actually learned something. Keep on tokin." -Karin, CA

"Cool game, great concept, and cool Art. Good work RoverLand!" -Bongmaster

"I bought the game for a party and it was the hit of the night, literally! -Britney in Philly

I played Stoner Trivia the other night at my friends party, and it had everyone cracking up. Kool Game. -Spence, TN

I got Stoner Trivia for my boyfriend birthday, he loves it." -Beth, FL



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